[quote=”LBandy” post=3652]I’d be interested to see if variable poses can really be achieved in any other way than simply rendering the characters and all the items from all possible angles, which is obviously not really an option. :)[/quote]
    I was thinking only certain clothes or suits would appear to be at a different angle, covering the body parts they replace. Or, if they needed to be in a different position, making the layers with the old body parts disappear. Maybe put the torso/head on a different layer and toggle the visibility when the replacement part is added.
    Admittedly this idea would be limited to single sets of clothes, so it wouldn’t offer much in the way of variety, unless there was an entire pack dedicated to the replacement clothes/heads.

    I have no clue as to how your system works, so my idea is probably scrap. What 3d program would I need to experiment with? I’m running KUbuntu, so unless it’s something like Blender, I doubt I’ll be able to do much tweaking. (Then there’s also the fact that I don’t have the time to spend learning the ropes and figuring things out. The reason I got ECG was because it was fast enough that I could actually use it without falling behind with everything else :D)

    : Thanks!