[quote=”Kelemelan” post=2328]HUGE issue guys :

    I can no longer load my old saved lbd files. Any way out of that ? Or some way to convert the old lbds to the new format ? would hate to loose all my previous stuff. :unsure:

    Or maybe it’s just me, just tell me how I can help.[/quote]

    This is apparently due to the new update being incompatible. All the old stuff will no longer load.

    I actually didn’t see this mentioned in the patch notes, which IMO is a MASSIVE omission. Stuff like that HAS to be mentioned in the patch notes. Forcing an automatic update with such a compatibility problem is also a problem, and I advise that it’s not done in the future.

    Luckily I didn’t update the version on my laptop so I was able to export all my stuff, but also given some of the bugs (like the above hair clipping/armour issue) in the new version I won’t be updating that install for a bit.