That may be just me but after like one such uncalled for “tip”, I would just ignore them altogether, therefore, they’d be completely useless. While from time to time, I just hit the tip button and start reading : because that’s something I decide to do at that moment and because then I know I’m available 🙂 .

    Using a key rather than a button is fine with me but displaying random tips on the home screen would be like displaying nothing at all. Plus there wouldn’t be a way to change the tip, unless you set a timer. But would you really stare at your home screen, waiting for the next tip to display ? :unsure:

    I know that, for sure, I wouldn’t want tips to scroll on the main screen of ePic. When I’m creating characters, I don’t want a bunch of extra text which keeps bothering me.

    So, yeah, summoning help with a keystroke sounds better the more I think about it. 😉

    Not that I’ve a say in the matter ofc. 🙂