hello, thank you for your feedback!!

im happy you like it, and i try answer best as i can! however my english is faaar away from perfect, please forgive me for it

i plan to make different body type humans, and other races, it’s only question of time 🙂
now im working on modern male (the modern female -human) more or less is ready.

Pointy ears/fang. The fang option can be turned off (just don’t choose fang, first icon), but you will notice his face will be strange. It have some type of hair where the ears is not visible.

(The program still have some limitation because of this realistic style, and i want keep maximal the mix and matching, but i’m restless to find new ways, new options. And of course our clients-like you can help alot! I never do beards, if i dont asked example :))

Ork: you have right! i will add as free update some more savage wardrobe! (i’m playing earthdawn, there the orks not stupud, ugly creatures, i wanted to catch more that as tolkien type or, but the war paint, the tribal outfits, savage stuff is great, i wrote up!!!

human: you have right again, i’ll add. the age-play popped in my mind when i made the dwarf female. Sadly i had a hdd crash, and i lost all data from the human (and dwarf), so i plan to make a 2.0 from him and her, maybe different body type (some more muscular perhaps :))

small weapons: noted! this is what i throught at cats first. (they need knife :))

wider images: i will talk about it with the coder.

Aaand lastly: if i have a little time (i try allways spare time for you :)), im gladly make some gfx stuffs, for points 🙂 just write your wish in note :))

this is note for me

– tribal, dirty, savage stuff for ork
– small weapons for every race
– age play for every race
– shield at back for every race