at first, thank you for your feedback.

We working on new version of the program, i m trying to write every new feature, but my part mostly the gfx. But a minor change: We will have only 3 character (at start), and you can buy mix and matchable wardrobes for these characters. the system is not automatic, if you can use more than one wardrobe, you have to “check it” in.
it will solve your unwanted wing problems, and the thematic problem too.
Example now for the male character have three pack:
– adventurer (fantasy) (non specialized fantasy wardrobe set)
– modern leasure (modern young, sporty wardrobe)
– superhero (as the title say, modern, and some can be use in fantasy settings too)
– scifi, futuristic (modern, as the title say)
it will have military (modern), elf-archer-ranger thematic pack, and fantasy warrior, etc pack, etc. you will able to mix and match them.

This was necessary, because the reason what you want: i was not able to put everything in one pack.

If you have any special wishes about packs, i make a forum thread for every pack, what im working on, and if you write your wishes, im making it.
The feedbacks on the drow packs, and scifi, and others its very very important for me, because im very rhapsodical creature, and the feedbacks help me focus. (Example: while somebody did not wrote to the forum the facial hairs is missing, the male characters was lack of it).

The age problem and the face’s similarity is also solved at the new characters.

sorry for my english, i hope you understood more or less 🙂
(and if you look around example in scifi pack, you will find an older, and different type males too :))