Dear Epic Character Generator team,

    first of all I`d like to thank you for your work, ideas and (of course) your nice program, which is really good! I do also have some suggestions for you:

    I come from Germany and I am a typical pen&paper-roleplayer. Here in Germany we do have several different roleplaying-systems (of course). It`s also possible to buy Dungeons and Dragons here, but the real dominating rpg-system is “Das schwarze Auge” (short DSA), translated “The Black Eye”. Most of all roleplayers start with DSA their roleplaying ‘career’. It`s a pretty cool system, and thousands of players are playing it regularly. It is a matter of fact that these german DSA-players would be a very good market for your portraying program. DOn`t forget: Germany has 80 Million inhabitants and is the biggest market in Europe and one of the biggest on the world. So, the perspective of getting many many many happy roleplayers and making a little money with your program could be an idea worth considering.

    But there is a little problem for DSA-players by using your program. You offer many different possibilities creating an individual character, but most of these possibilities are (for german DSA players) a little too much. By now you are focusing on high-fantasy characters. Most of the random created characters look like they come out of a world, where every second creature has a pair of wings and every stone and every forest is very magical and has some funny fairies in it. You have (human male) for example many many wings, but a simple wooden bow is missing. Most weapons look like very very special magical unique items, but just simple standard weapons, which were historically really used by the most warriors and soldiers, are missing.

    And that`s a little problem for the most german rpg-players. It`s the same in the wardrobe: Only super-heavy-special-armors, but the good old used leather armor is missing. And that`s a pity.

    I`m sure, that if you would also offer just simple, historically inspired wardrobe and weapons, you could reach a lot of more roleplayers, especially in Germany. And not only in Germany, you could reach all players who play a solid low-fantasy rpg.

    If you are interested in some examples, I could send you some images, which could tell much better than all my words here. Just tell me.

    Another suggestion is the possible age of the created characters. For creating portraits of npc, it would be very helpful to vary the age of the models. At the moment they are all focused on young heros, but not at older people. Some more models could easily remove this problem.

    That`s my feedback. I hope, you understand it in the right positive way, it was meant, because I like your program very much and use it with fun. Go on with your work, it is worth it, and thank you very much for all your woderfull work for now.

    Best regards