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    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Regarding the wide images, it is reasonable and possible, but would produce a great amount of overhead in the development as the program is not designed to function that way. We will try to create items that fits into the screen without being cropped on the first place, and will see if we can spare same time to develop a feature like that in the future.[/quote]

    I thought that might be the case. I also realized that people who are using frames probably do not want everything to be crammed inside the frames but instead want to have big wings (and other parts) span “outside” of the frames.

    I think there is one solution to consider though: Just like clicking the companions (front and back) allow you to move them you could allow the character to be moved when clicking the base char: That way people could create two images (one on the left, the other on the right) and combine them into one image (in an image editor) that has full wings (and other cropped parts) . It would also make it possible to position some items and companions for a better view of them.

    This is not really a big issue so don’t spend too much energy on it:) It’s just a bit frustrating seeing some really nice companions, effects, weapons and wings that get cropped and are therefore not very usable with transparent backgrounds.