> tribal, dirty, savage stuff for ork

    That would be great! I just noticed that the Ork doesn’t havy any short pants (besides the default “boxer shorts” when wearing nothing 🙂 The first two might be meant as knee-lenght shorts but I’m seeing the lower legs filled with a single color. Is that a bug?

    Maybe in the same update have a pair of “shorts”. The Ork does have muscular and hairy legs so why not show them 🙂

    – age play for every race

    I think this is most important for humans. The dwarf always have large beards so it’s hard to tell their age and the elf are usually described to have “ageless faces”. Ork and cat ages is a mystery for me 🙂

    – shield at back for every race

    Do you think you could add sword (a single) or swords (forming an X) to the wing-section too? Maybe shield + sword both? Swords are usually carried on a belt or strapped to the back if they are not used. That would free the hands for other purposes – magic spells or other items. Something like this http://www.eeldrytcharmouree.com/ScansMisc/Backstrap2.jpg