[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=3074]Hm, it is a bit quiet in here.

    Has anyone got something to share? A nice project or art with Epic Character Generator, or something else?

    I have discovered RPG Maker VM, and am fiddling around with that, together with creating another computer game, and a board game, and…..being a bit stressed out with all the work and having a nice cold.

    Anyway, what are you guys up to?[/quote]

    I was gone for a bit. Had a court date for Tuesday to get permanent custody of my son now that he’s technically an adult, but we were hit with Hurricane Matthew last week and while we were fine on the island, the rest of North Carolina is under water and a trip that would normally be done in just a day or so turned into a three day nightmare. We just got back home this afternoon after countless detours and finally giving up and finding a hotel last night. It’s been crazy. 😛

    Anyway I have RPG Maker XP & VX Ace. but I haven’t really done anything with them yet. (Got them in bundles a while back.) I love those kind of games. I have a bunch of them. 🙂

    Hope your cold is better!