some subcategories exclude each together. the non human bodies exclude the horns or beards for example, because they have totally different shape.

We found a solution, but we need to test it (going too deep into technical stuff, now the program puts everything together using transparent png layers. the next step is to put the pngs into their place automatically and not manualy, what is needed is a little more work, but we can make it, because i also work (spoiler) on portrait and dragon generator (more challenging for us, but even more fun!), and for example we can’t make the dragon generator without it). So the feature is on its way, if you ask me.

(The program has many many possibilities, and i have to tell you, i saw only one similar, the heromachine, that was very cartoonish for me, and i want to make everything, immediately, but with proper support, and feedback. These help alot, even if i can’t tell “ok will be ready for tomorrow”. )

(i can’t say enough time thank you for your feedbacks and moral support, it means a lot to me (us)).