little technical spoiler

for many reason (long weapon, cloaks, shield, etc) i had to found new way.
with LBandy we figured out a really nice (and working so good!) solution, so you will find many new
items in the new packs using with the new system. Example: shield at back (chesbelt front of the character, shield itself at back; no long weapon -top “crossing” bug, veils, armor pieces, and yes, cape!

Because i’m visual type, i try to explain with image:


This is a pefect image to show 🙂 you see big part of the cape at front of the character, and big part at his back (even his hair), and the long item in his hand does not “cutted”, fit the cape with boots, pants, and other items as well.

With this system i also fixed the boots, and the “lost pixels” bug too. So the whole picture seems .. better