This taps into an issue that’s big for me. While I’d one day love to see a few more options available in terms of head position, arm positions and even body positions angled in different ways to create more dynamic poses, I fully understand how difficult to implement this would be. As I’m working with loads of 2D images made from 3D models posed in various ways, I can graft non Epic images onto epic ones to make Epic characters appear more “dynamic”. But this is something I’d love to see in the Epic generator one day, ie alternate head angles. Even just seeing a head at 45 degrees over the default straight on look, would add so much variability.

    Now this post offers up the prospect of variable facial expressions, which I think is a fantastic idea! Again, within the existing engine I can fully appreciate the problems implementing this so I’d not even urge anyone try. But what I’d love to know is that it’s at least under consideration to one day include separate images of things like an angled head or different facial expressions that could indeed be utilised by folk happy tinkering in post. Perhaps having such options included in the Pro version would provide a little incentive for folk to upgrade to that package (besides which I’d imagine most Pro users would typically be happy working images in post).