[quote=”neilmoore_2000″ post=3993]Thanks for the response L Brandy. Whenever I compile an Epic generated character in just a few minutes compared to the hours it can take using photoshop and a bunch of graphic files, I almost feel as if I’ve cheated! I get the zen of it, that you’ve created a program that can cobble together an enormous amount of variation in just a few seconds yielding an end result that’s truly impressive. This is something to be both proud of and quite rightly this seamlessness should be protected. So if you were ever going down the path of adding increased variability be it with head, arm or body poses or even indeed facial expressions, what I’m suggesting is that these be add ons made specifically for those happy working with them in post. As making clothing/armor variations, differently posed but still compatible with all the variations currently available would be an impossible task, focusing instead on the most popular armor/clothing sets might be one solution? Or even just starting off with a bunch of different facial expressions as the OP originally asked about, that are compatible with the default “straight on” look all Epic generated characters currently share, would be one way of starting this daunting process. Again, for all the reasons just cited I’d only advocate doing this as a separate file for those happy working in post.[/quote]

    All this post stuff etc… you are talking way over my head now…

    I would just like the ability to switch arm, leg, head, etc positions by clicking on and off the way we do now.

    I use photoshop, and I have more than once created a character in epic, and then manipulated it in PS…. changing clothes, postions, whatever I can, and yes it is work.

    Greg, Brandy, I don’t know if you know what I mean by clicking on and off, basically just turning a position etc, on or off, just like you would an outfit or piece of clothing… Hope I make sense, I am not a programmer, just an artist