Right, I know this isn’t the place and they should come in another pack but since I have the ideas here they come : Steampunk Companions, Scifi (High Tech as opposed to Steampunk) Companions, Virtual Comanions (as in holograms and such)…

    You can adapt these ideas to the Magical Companion theme (A Horse can become a Steampunk Horse or a Magical Horse or a Scifi Mechanical Horse for what have you.) This works for Dragons too of course, and the only limit is the amount of work you are ready to put into this 😉

    Regarding dragons, well, we have all different kinds of dragons, plus pseudo-dragons, faerie dragons and such. I believe a high fantasy player loves his dragons, no matter what. ^_^

    Snakes (small or BIG ones) are fun too especially combined with a somewhat naked gal 😉