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    daniel-arnold did Avast flag it recently, or was it a while ago? I’m just asking as if it was the recent update, I’ll get a whitelist from them too.

    sojournstar the reason it just got alerted recently is that the last update to the executable was last summer, and as the software ages, it passively builds trust by not doing any harmful activities. I also got a range of whitelists for the previous version, so that could also play a role. When a new executable is built it always starts from zero, so it either needs to be whitelisted, or build trust over time.

    The reason you are not seeing alerts for other games can be caused by multiple reasons. They don’t get unpacked from a self-contained auto-updater. They don’t contain a networking module. If they do, they use a different library. They have been built a while ago. They got whitelisted before they’ve been released. And the list goes on. It’s really standard procedure here, and if you check the forums there were several similar reports over the years. 🙂

    On the other hand, I submitted the executable for whitelisting to Norton, so it’s just a matter of time until they got that whitelisted.