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    The way AV software work is that they store how specific malicious software looked like, and then use these samples divided into chunks and compare that to new software you are installing to see if it’s potentially harmful. They can’t let the software run, and see if it’s harmful, and also can’t simply rely on known data (like dll names, or registry entries), as these programs often change.

    ePic Character Generator uses cURL, it’s a c++ networking library, to communicate with the server and also to download files, if needed. If any other Trojan is built using this library, they’ll have a 20-30% match with said Trojan. Since our executable is relatively new (the latest patch is only 1 week old), not digitally signed, and has been unpacked from a zip file, and not directly downloaded from a known domain, it’s understandable that your AV has a very low-risk tolerance in this case, and marks it potentially dangerous file. It’s the usual procedure, but some are less picky than others.

    As I said, the software is not a trojan – never been, never will be – and also not infected by anything. You can give it a try and download the installer from the site, since it’ll come from a trusted domain, and will be installed via an installer, and not unpacked from a zip, it might work better. If that still doesn’t work, and you don’t want to risk a personal whitelist, you’ll have to wait until they examine the exe and add it to their trusted list.

    I hope this helps, but let me know if you still have concerns. 🙂