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    Hi sojournstar,

    Thanks for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear about the issue!

    As always, both the installer and the executable are safe, and don’t contain any malicious code. Usually, when a new version is published, most cyber-security applications need to build up some rapport with the app, so they can be considered safe. Since the software does have a networking module, that’s necessary for the downloads and logins, it’s usually deemed as a security vulnerability.

    I’m on good terms with most AV providers and have our apps whitelisted with them, but I’ve never heard of NortonLifeLock before. 🙂 So as usual, I’ll reach out to them and ask them to examine the software and if they don’t find anything suspicious, add it to their whitelist so you won’t get these annoying notifications. This can usually take a few weeks, so if you still wanted to continue using the software in the meantime, you can always allow it and add it to your personal whitelist.

    I hope this helps.