Looping downloads

If you experience looping download after you’ve logged into the software, the most common causes are related to insufficient permissions or a misconfiguration, false detection in your antivirus/router, or in the worst-case, your internet provider.

A looping download occurs when a file or multiple files are unable to be downloaded and are retried multiple times, blocking you from entering the Main menu. If you see the software trying to download the same files over and over again, you can take the following steps to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Right-click on ePic Character Generator, and select “Run as administrator”. If the issue persists, then it is not a permission issue.
  • Temporarily disable your Antivirus/Firewall software and launch ePic Character Generator normally. If the software is able to download the missing files, then turn back your Antivirus/Firewall software, and add ePic Character Generator as an exception/to a whitelist.
  • Check your router and see if you can add software to a whitelist and make sure you allow them to download files from the internet.
  • If all else fails, disconnect your wired internet connection, share your cell data with your PC and try again.
    If this solves the issue, then the problem is rooted in how your internet provider filters what type of connections they allow, and chances are, they misidentified the software, and enforce very strict protection, making the software unable to obtain the necessary files.
    If you have data available, you can let the software download all the missing packages, and then use it fully with your normal landline connection, since no new files will be downloaded until you either unlock or purchase a new package.

The above steps have fixed all cases that have emerged over the years so far. If you have tried all of these, and still struggling with a looping download, you can download the missing files by clicking on the links below, then copy the downloaded files to your ePic Character Generator/dat directory. Starting the software afterward should correctly detect the packages and allow you to use them fully.

Season #1: Human Male (char_huma, core_huma)
Season #1: Human Female (char_hufe, core_hufe)
Season #1: Elf Male (char_elma, core_elma)
Season #1: Elf Female (char_elfe, core_elfe)
Season #1: Dwarf Male (char_dwma, core_dwma)
Season #1: Dwarf Female (char_dwfe, core_dwfe)
Season #1: Anthro Male (char_anma, core_anma)
Season #1: Anthro Female (char_anfe, core_anfe)
Season #1: Modern Male (char_mhma, core_mhma)
Season #1: Modern Female (char_mhfe, core_mhfe)
Season #1: Ork Male (char_orma, core_orma)
Season #1: Donator (char_dona)
Season #2: Female Drow Spellcaster (char_cofe_dr, core_cofe_dr)
Season #2: Female Modern #1 (char_cofe_mo, core_cofe_mo)
Season #2: Female Modern #2 (char_cofe_m2, core_cofe_m2)
Season #2: Female Pirate (char_cofe_pi, core_cofe_pi)
Season #2: Female Sorcerer (char_cofe_va, core_cofe_va)
Season #2: Female Elf (char_cofe_el, core_cofe_el)
Season #2: Female Fae (char_cofe_fa, core_cofe_fa)
Season #2: Female Halloween (char_cofe_hw, core_cofe_hw)
Season #2: Female Warrior (char_cofe_wa, core_cofe_wa)
Season #2: Female Sci-fi (char_cofe_sc, core_cofe_sc)
Season #2: Female Adventurer #1 (char_cofe_ad, core_cofe_ad)
Season #2: Female Adventurer #2 (char_cofe_a2, core_cofe_a2)
Season #2: Female Post-apocalyptic (char_cofe_pa, core_cofe_pa)
Season #2: Female Barbarian (char_cofe_ba, core_cofe_ba)
Season #2: Female Supernatural (char_cofe_su, core_cofe_su)
Season #2: Male Adventurer (char_coma_ad, core_coma_ad)
Season #2: Male Modern (char_coma_le, core_coma_le)
Season #2: Male Superhero (char_coma_he, core_coma_he)
Season #2: Male Supernatural (char_coma_su, core_coma_su)
Season #2: Male Sci-fi (char_coma_sc, core_coma_sc)
Season #2: Male Warrior (char_coma_wa, core_coma_wa)
Season #2: Muscular Barbarian (char_mama_ba, core_mama_ba)
Season #2: Muscular Supernatural (char_mama_su, core_mama_su)
Season #2: Bestiary (core_cofe_c1)
Season #2: Forum Challenge #1 (char_coma_c1, core_coma_c1)
Season #2: Forum Challenge #2 (core_coma_c2)
Season #2: Forum Challenge #3 (core_coma_c3)
Season #3: Portrait Male (char_port_ma)
Season #3: Portrait Female (char_port_fe)
Season #3: Comic Monster (char_como)
Season #3: Throne Lady (char_thla, core_thla)
Season #3: Throne Lady #2 (char_thla2, core_thla2)
Season #3: Throne Savage (char_thsa)
Season #3: Female Rider (char_rife)