Ah, with a few more character packages unlocked, I do see what you mean. Particularly on the late models, you’ve done a good job of making skins based on the same rig look quite different.

    Rather than having completely different sets of eyes, noses, mouths all completely independent from each other, then, would it perhaps be possible to make a few different versions of each skin?

    I don’t think it would be necessary (or fun for you 😆 ) to go into every expression and microexpression available to humanity, but the basic trio of ‘neutral face’, ‘frowning face’, ‘laughing face’ for each skin would give casual users a few more options when generating characters AND also require only gentle editing/nudging in a paint program for the people who want more subtle expressions based on those basic three.

    As it is, I could probably wrangle eyes open/shut or wide/narrow in a paint program with a bit of extra effort, but I tend to have extremely mixed success with eyebrows and the mouth; it never looks right, particularly with delicately shaded mouths like your models, and it takes a very long time (which I’m not allowed to myself these days ;_;).

    I did try DAS Studio once upon a time (probably 6-7 years ago now) but I found it quite cumbersome to use compared to my ancient copy of Poser 5. Has it improved? I’ll have to try it again on your recommendation 🙂

    Anyway, thank you for such a speedy and informative reply, I really appreciate it!